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Mayor has vision board should hear

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the Viewpoint in Sunday’s paper(“Board must step up, share in crafting a vision for city,” Aug.21).

I was introduced to Mayor Massengill last Thanksgiving. He gavea generous donation to the Thanksgiving dinner giveaway. I did notvote for him because I thought he would be too busy handling hisown finances to have time to help the city. My own pastor couldn’tconvince me otherwise. On meeting him, his humbleness completelyand instantly changed my mind.

He had recently won the mayor’s election and was leaving townbut took the time to stop by and introduce himself and apologizefor not being able to help physically with the dinner.

I later met him again at a city board meeting. He came over tomy seat and said he and the board had received my proposal tochange Hamilton Street to Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Drive. Hesaid he was very glad for this because of Dr. Lott’s park being onthat street. He said two great men, Dr. Lott and Dr. King togetherwas something good.

The mayor and Dr. Lott were very good friends, and they wereboard members together. He told me, “Dr. Lott sent me a Christmascard every year until he was no longer able physically to doso.”

Mayor Massengill worked very hard on the MLK project. He donatedmoney to help with clean up. We still have three more years of workleft before the MLK project is complete. He takes time to listenand knows every pothole and every burned-down house in theneighborhood.

I encourage the board to please take note of the Viewpointarticle. I misjudged a man’s character, and it almost cost me anopportunity to meet a truly great Christian and a smartbusinessman, and I pray that God will keep in his hand and guidehim to take this city to new levels.

Rose “Polly” Byrd,