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Adopt shelter pet during October

Dear Editor,

I wanted to let the word out – October is the official”Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month.”

Yes, those out there looking for the most loyal andunconditional loving friend one can have, look no further than yourlocal animal shelter. “Where is my local animal shelter?” you mightask. Well, the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League is the one thatcomes to my mind. BARL is located in the industrial park areabeside the Hartley-Gove Thermometer plant, behind the Keystonebaseball fields.

Currently we have about 25 to 30 dogs and puppies ready foradoption. There are another 10 to 12 dogs that hail from the NewOrleans area waiting to be reunited with their owners. However, bymid-November if their owners haven’t claimed them, they, too, willbe looking for a new home.

Think about it – if you adopt a shelter dog, you have given ahome to an unwanted pet, you’re getting a neutered or spayed petthat won’t be responsible for enlarging an already too vastpopulation and you will befriend an animal that will love youbeyond comprehension.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet, now is a perfecttime to seize the day. Call BARL at (601) 757-4367 and set up anappointment to visit some of the best friends you’ll ever find.

Thank you.

Rusty Adcock,

Brookhaven Animal Rescue League,