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Aldermen clamp down on holidays

Monticello aldermen agreed Tuesday to a change in the town’spersonnel policy that they say will prevent police officers andfirefighters from “double-dipping” on holiday benefits.

Under the old policy, when City Hall was closed the day after aholiday, emergency workers who had to work received holiday pay andalso were allowed to choose a different day to take off to replacethe lost holiday.

“They were actually getting compensated for it twice,” saidMayor David Nichols.

The new policy essentially states that the day following theholiday is a regular day.

Other city employees did not have those benefits, and the changelevels out the benefits, Nichols said.

“I don’t have any problems with it,” Monticello Police ChiefDavid Stanley said.

In other matters, the board scrapped plans to purchase a newersewer-washer and truck. The purchase was expected to cost the townaround $90,000 to replace its current equipment, which has been inuse since the 1970s.

Instead, the town opted to spend an estimated $20,000 to repairand refurbish the old equipment.