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This holiday, thanks goes both ways

Dear Editor:

Traditionally, Thanksgiving has been a time for families andfriends to get together, give thanks for all that we share, andusher in the holiday season. Though the way we celebrateThanksgiving differs from family to family and region to region,one part of the tradition remains constant – the bountiful feaststhat are prepared in homes throughout the country. Without the hardwork and ingenuity of America’s farmers, our traditional feastswould not be possible.

Our agriculture and food sector enjoys an enviable reputation asone of the best in the world, thanks in large part to thecommitment of our producers.

As families around Mississippi celebrate Thanksgiving, we mustnot forget those farmers who are still recovering from thedevastation of Hurricane Katrina. These gallant individuals havelost much, and in some cases all, of the everyday conveniences oflife. Yet they, too, have much for which they can be thankful.

Farmers and agricultural organizations from across the nationhave flooded Mississippi with needed supplies and cash to helpthese agricultural producers get back on their feet. Let me takethis opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has helped in anyway on behalf of a grateful segment of our population – theMississippi farmer.

May God continue to richly bless you and your family.

David Waide, president

Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation