Aldermen approve new employee insurance plan

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, January 4, 2006

New Hebron is likely to join Monticello in a new medicalinsurance policy approved by aldermen Tuesday.

The new policy will differ slightly in coverage from the old,but provide the same overall protections at a much cheaper price,said Monticello Mayor David Nichols.

The bid by John Alden Insurance quoted an average of $259 peremployee. The existing policy is costing the town approximately$404 per employee, Nichols said.

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Under the new policy, the deductible would be doubled to $1,000,but co-pay and some other costs would become cheaper, he said.

Aldermen also approved the addition of a Gap Plan to assist withco-pays and other personal expenditures. The town will pay for theGap Plan on its employees, but the employees will be responsiblefor paying the $500 to add it to their family plans, Nicholssaid.

New Hebron does not have medical insurance for its employees andcannot afford to purchase any on its own, Nichols said. Therefore,the mayor said, he was asked if the town could join Monticello’splan.

Monticello aldermen agreed to include New Hebron employeesprovided it would not increase the rate their employees would haveto pay.

In other matters, the board approved the sale of embroideryequipment gained when American Apparel left the KellwoodBuilding.

Officials accepted a bid from Southern Exposure TechnicalServices of $50,158 for the purchase of a 12-head and a single-headmachines and all accessories.

The board also filled a police officer vacancy by hiring JohnPaul Martin. Until recently, Martin, a certified law enforcementofficer, was serving in the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department.He has served with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and withthe Wesson Police Department.