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Super Bowl means lots of predictions

Super Bowls have been part of America for 40 years. Yours trulyremembers the Pittsburgh Steelers of the early 1970s. We alwaysadmired Super Bowl heroes Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Green, JackHamm, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann and Mike Webster of Pittsburgh.

Obviously, we are pulling for the Steelers today. A predictablescore should be Pittsburgh, 28-17.

Area high school and community college coaches were polled fortheir opinions on the outcome. the Steelers got the nod from all13, although a few hope the teal-colored Seattle Seahawks willwin.

Tucker Peavey, Brookhaven: I like Pittsburgh.They are playing good right now. They have a lot of confidence.They can line up and run the football on you. I’d say Pittsburgh24-17.

Roe Burns, Enterprise: I pick Pittsburgh towin. They’ve played a tougher schedule all year. They have a goodquarterback and a good running game. Their defense is strong.Pittsburgh 24-18.

Mike Davis, Lawrence County: I’m pulling forthe Seahawks but I’m afraid the Steelers are going to win it. TheSteelers are on a hot streak and they play so physical. Pittsburgh24-13.

Brooks Burns, West Lincoln: Since the playoffsstarted, I’ve felt like the NFC would be the strongest. I thinkPittsburgh, if they don’t turn the ball over, they should win. Bothdefenses are real good so it should be low scoring. Pittsburgh17-14.

Tommy Clopton, Wesson: Traditionally, I alwayspull for the NFC teams but this year I’m pulling for the Steelers.I like their coach, Bill Cowher. Pittsburgh 24-20.

Ray Ishee, Brookhaven Academy: I’m pulling forthe Seahawks but I expect Pittsburgh to win. I’m pulling for theunderdogs. Pittsburgh can rush the football and pound the defense.They can pass it, too. Pittsburgh 27-13.

Willie Brown, Hazlehurst: I think it will be atight game but Pittsburgh is going to win. Both teams play gooddefense. Pittsburgh 21-14.

Glenn Davis, Co-Lin: I like Pittsburgh but I’vegot to pull for Seattle because they have players that I coached. Icoached Walter Jones in junior college (Holmes), probably the bestoffensive lineman in the NFL. I coached Floyd Womack at MississippiState. Seattle 30-27.

Mitch Mitchell, Copiah Academy: I thinkPittsburgh is going to with it. They have been playing so well,winning three on the road. With (Jerome) Bettis being at home, Ithink they will play at a high level. They want to win one for him.Pittsburgh 27-17.

Dom Green, Southwest: I’m going to take theSteelers because of the way they run the ball and they play gooddefense. It should be a close game because Seattle has a goodoffense and they play good defense, too. Pittsburgh 21-17.

Grady McCluskey, Franklin County: I’m pullingfor Pittsburgh because they play hard-nosed football and gooddefense. I like the Seahawks, too, but this is Pittsburgh’s time.Pittsburgh 24-17.

Josh Thibodeaux, Loyd Star: I’m going withPittsburgh because I like the style of defense that they play.Their young quarterback has been pretty good, too. Pittsburgh27-17.

Gareth Sartin, Bogue Chitto: I like theSteelers. They are a very physical, in-your-face type footballteam. Pittsburgh 24-21.

Randall Huffman, South Pike: I’ll go withPittsburgh. I don’t watch the NFL very much but the Steelers playwell when I’ve seen them. Pittsburgh 27-17.

Certainly, interest is high. Sportswriters with The DAILY LEADERand newsroom employees are enthused about the game. They sharedtheir predictions, too. In their opinion, the Seahawks arefavored.

Richard Dube: I like the Steelers because ofthe way they play defense. Pittsburgh is very aggressive and haswon on the road when they had to. They’ve also opened up theiroffense. Pittsburgh 21-7.

Marty Albright: I’m going for Seattle. This istheir first time being there and I’d like to see them win. Seattle24-21.

Matt Coleman: Seattle has been my favorite teamsince childhood. Steve Largent is my all-time favorite player.Seattle 27-17.

Scott Tynes: The Steelers have a proven trackrecord in making it to the big games. Big Ben has really maturedthis year and he has the capability to carry them through thistime. Pittsburgh 24-10.

Tammie Brewer: I think the Steelers are goingto win because I like their uniforms. Pittsburgh 24-18.

James O. Covington: I like Seattle. Theirdefense and Grant Winstrom are pretty good. Seattle 23-13.

Will Watson: Honestly, I’m pulling for theunderdog. My favorite team is San Diego. I’m going with theSeahawks because they want to prove they belong in the Super Bowl.Seattle 31-21.

Brett Rutland: I’m gonna go with Seattle, basedon the fact that they’ve never been there before. I like theircoach, Mike Holgren. Seattle 23-10.

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