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Retired resident hits big jackpot

Carlos Glenn Case had Lady Luck on his side when he got hislottery ticket last week.

Case, 63, of Brookhaven, won the $727,138.73 Louisiana Lottojackpot for the June 21 game.

When he checked Thursday’s DAILY LEADER for the winning numbers,he was skeptical of what he found. So he logged onto the lottery’sWeb site to double-check his digits.

Neither he nor his wife could believe they had won, Case said.And they were even more surprised to learn that they held the onlyticket with winning six numbers: 13-16-26-28-32-36.

The Cases drove to Baton Rouge Friday to claim their check,which dwindled a bit to $508,999.21 after state and federal taxeswere withheld.

Case, a retired oilfield worker after more than 40 years on thejob, said his only intention for the money is to provide financialsecurity for his children.

“Unless something happens that I need it, that money is in thebank and will be there when I die,” he said.

Case said he had no major spending plans for the money.

“I just retired and bought myself a new boat and tractor beforethis happened,” he said. “I don’t really need anything else.”

Glenn Case was most recently employed with H and P Drilling,which is based in Oklahoma. He retired in October 2005 after 10years with the company.

Case’s wife, Juanice, doesn’t have any demands of the money,either. He asked her if she wanted a new house or car, and shereplied that she didn’t, he said.

“All we want to do is put down new carpet in the trailer andmaybe build a porch,” he said.

Case is an “avid buyer” of tickets, has been playing since 1991and used to buy several each week, his wife said. And good fortuneseems to follow his purchases.

In 1997, he won a Pick 5 lottery game in Texas and split thejackpot of $125,000 with three other winning ticket holders,Juanice Case said.

Glenn Case’s son, Keith, a truck driver, buys the tickets forhis father, including last Wednesday’s winner. The winning ticketwas purchased at M&J Grocery in Norwood, an East FelicianaParish town.

The Cases have three children, Tammy Jackson, of Summit, andKeith and Chad Case, both of Brookhaven. They also have severalgrandchildren and great grandchildren.

Glenn Case said he picks his own numbers instead of using thecomputerized “quick pick” option. His winning had no significanceto him; he just picked them randomly, he said.

Glenn Case’s large payoff doesn’t mean he is ready to stoptesting his luck. He stopped at the same M&J store on the wayhome from receiving his check to buy two more tickets.

“If you don’t play, you don’t win,” he said.