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Board passes football game ticket hike

Lincoln County football fans will have to tackle an extra $1 feeon their home game tickets beginning this year.

The football game ticket price hike will not affect othersports, said Superintendent Terry Brister.

The decision boosts football ticket prices from $4 a game to$5.

Board members discussed raising ticket prices on all sportsMonday, but decided to limit the hike to football only because mostsports host more than one game a week. Football games are playedonce a week.

The board felt an increase on ticket prices for other sportswould have been overly burdensome because of the number of gamesper week. Other sports have a ticket price of $3 a game.

The last increase on ticket prices was five or six years ago andalso selectively targeted football, Brister said. The increasebrings football game prices in line with opponent schools, hesaid.

“We’ve been a bargain for them to come here and play,” he said.”Most of the areas we go to are a $5 ticket. They get a deal whenthey come to us and we pay more when we visit them.”

Additionally, Brister said, football is the most expensive sportto manage on the high school lineup. The increase will help thedistrict offset the costs of equipment, field lighting, refereesand other expenses.

In a separate matter, the board also approved a new vendor tosupply non-sugary snacks in school vending machines.

Traditional vending machine fare such as candy bars and friedpotato chips are being replaced with granola bars, beef jerky,trail mix and baked chips to provide more nutritious snacks tostudents, Brister said.