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Library planning display for Katrina anniversary

It’s been nearly a year and area residents are still swappingstories and pictures of Hurricane Katrina and its effects.

The Lincoln County Public Library would like residents to sharethose tales for a special presentation to be displayed on Aug. 29commemorating the historic event. Hurricane Katrina ripped throughMississippi on Aug. 29, devastating the southern counties andcausing damage throughout the state.

“This was such a catastrophic event, even here in LincolnCounty, that I think we just need to do something to remember it,”said Donna Kenney, who is heading up the project for the library.”If we don’t get that information now, in a few years it will fadefrom memory.”

Residents are being asked to write their personal accounts anddonate photographs to the library by Aug. 25 for the Aug. 29display.

All photographs and other items must be labeled with name,address, phone number and descriptive information. All copies willbecome the property of the Lincoln County Public Library, wherethey will be archived and could be used in future displays.

The display is not limited to personal accounts and photographsof the devastation. Anything related to the event will beaccepted.

Kenney said one person has written a poem about the storm andhas a copy of it for the display.

“How big of a display we have will depend on what we get,” shesaid. “There might be some other things generated by this.”

Kenney said she hopes the display will prompt further discussionon the storm and how to prepare for the possibility of futurenatural disasters.

A series of three puppet shows about the storm, conducted duringthe summer by Project Recovery for children, became the inspirationfor the display, she said.

“It got me to thinking about how a number of adults probablyneeded to talk about what happened during and after the storm,”Kenney said.

The display will be up for only one day to commemorate thestorm.