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Quality schools also key element in area success

While we are on the subject of economic development, a vitalcomponent in efforts to attract business and industry is having aneducated and well-trained work force.

Judging from recent state testing results, Lincoln County andBrookhaven schools are making good strides in meeting federal andstate standards in student learning. In many areas, students aremaking progress as required under federal guidelines and some localschools are even among the state’s leaders in severalcategories.

That some goals are being met is certainly a good sign for ourschools and this community.

However, there remain too many areas where achievement could bebetter and our schools could place higher in rankings. Schoolofficials have identified these areas and plan to place moreeducational emphasis on them.

The goal of any school should be to be the best it can be and toproduce the best students possible. And those students’ testresults should be built on a strong foundation of learning andusable knowledge.

We believe Brookhaven and Lincoln County schools are capable ofcompeting for the top spots in all educational categories.Attaining and maintaining quality schools are lofty goals, but theyare absolutely critical if this community is to stand out inpursuit of economic development opportunities.