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Grant for Haven roof project is good news on two fronts

With the announcement of an approximately $75,000 grant for theBrookhaven Little Theatre, the community organization can moveforward in efforts to preserve the historic Haven Theatre.

The state grant will be used in conjunction with matching fundsraised by BLT to put a new roof on The Haven. The building’scurrent roof is at least 25 years old and patching is no longer aviable option.

According to state Department of Archives and History officials,the grant was able to be awarded due to some shuffling of BLT’sapplication from one program to another.

BLT’s initial application was not eligible under one programbecause the city has not completed the involved process of becominga Certified Local Government Community. The grant was awarded underthe Mississippi Landmark Program, which does not have the certifiedgovernment requirement.

The grant is good news on two fronts.

First, BLT can proceed with its building plans. Second, the cityhas ample time to consider all factors in becoming a CertifiedLocal Government Community, which could further help the theatregroup’s restoration efforts in the future.

Keeping historic buildings functioning is an important part ofmaintaining a community’s heritage. Thanks to the state grant andcontributions from local supporters, BLT is taking a key stepforward in that worthy endeavor.