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Fire claims Hurricane Lake home

A homeowner, her daughter and grandchildren escaped injury todaywhen they smelled smoke and fled their home a few minutes aftermidnight, officials said.

Unfortunately, firefighters were unable to save the home ofPeggy Pepper at 1922 Hurricane Lake Dr., said Zetus Volunteer FireDepartment Chief Dale Anding.

“We rolled everything we had and Loyd Star and Hog Chain(volunteer fire departments) came and assisted,” he said.

Flames were erupting through the roof when they arrived, Andingsaid.

The fire was finally extinguished shortly after 4 a.m. Therewere no injuries.

“It was a good effort from all the firefighters to get it undercontrol,” the chief said. “It was really going good when we gotthere.”

The fire spread quickly, Anding said, and the residents werelucky they received enough warning to escape.

Anding said Pepper caught a whiff a smoke while moving aroundthe house and immediately evacuated the home. She called 911 from aneighbor’s home.

Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Rushing said Pepper was home withher daughter and grandchildren when the fire was discovered.

Anding said firefighters could not determine this morning wherethe fire originated or what caused the blaze.

Fire investigator Dustin Bairfield is investigating the fire,but little is known this morning, Rushing said.

“There is nothing to indicate any foul play at this time,”Rushing said. “We’re just trying to locate the cause of it. They’llbe looking at it today and tomorrow to learn more.”