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Jail dispute disrupted

A fight between two inmates in the Lincoln County Jail shortlyafter noon prompted dispatchers to call in assistance from theBrookhaven Police Department Wednesday.

Sheriff Steve Rushing said no one was injured in the shortexchange of blows and jailers were able to break up the fightbefore police officers arrived. No weapons were involved in thescuffle.

“It was a normal run-of-the-mill fight,” he said.

No charges were filed.

The assistance call to BPD was made because deputies were busyon an accident and other response calls, the sheriff said.

Rushing said the call was simply a safety measure because thefight occurred in the midst of Cellblock A, which houses 20-25state inmates awaiting transportation to Central MississippiControl Facility in Rankin County.

“It’s not unusual to call for assistance in this situation,” hesaid.

Extra officers serve as a back up in these situations because ofthe number of inmates housed in the cellblock, Rushing said.