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Supervisors OK road paving, bridge projects

More than 48 miles of roads will be repaved and two bridgesreplaced after the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors acceptedbids on two projects Monday.

The board accepted a bid of $296,813.36 to replace two bridgesin District Four. The project was awarded at less than theengineer’s estimate of $333,204.70 for the work.

District Four Supervisor Doug Moak said timber bridges onShar-Pei Lane and Lower Meadville Road will be replaced withconcrete box culverts.

“Both projects will require the roads to be closed,” hesaid.

Moak said he expects the roads to close within the next 90 daysand they may remain closed for an additional 90 days.

“I’ve already pulled the bridge out on Shar-Pei Lane andreplaced it with a metal culvert temporarily,” he said.

Once replaced, the metal culvert will be moved to a second “lowweight” timber bridge on Shar-Pei Lane, Moak said. The secondbridge, however, has not been scheduled for replacement by aconcrete box culvert.

“It’s not as long a bridge so I’ll try to get as much use out ofthe metal culvert as I can before I replace it,” he said.

The board also accepted the low bid of $1,819,075.84 for areseal project on 48.05 miles of county roads. Supervisorsexpressed some concern on the project’s cost, which was nearly$400,000 more than the engineer’s estimate of $1,428,209.04, butchose to continue after reviewing the figures included in thebid.

“We’re allowed one major reseal project (by State Aid) per term,and this is the one for this term,” Moak said.

The reseal project includes 2.66 miles of New Sight Drive, 7.35miles of Old Highway 51, 2.6 miles of Nola Road, 1.71 miles of FairRiver Road, 2.74 miles of Harmony Road, 7.08 miles of MallalieuDrive, .19 miles of Pricedale Road, 3.07 miles of Enterprise Road,7.6 miles of Jackson-Liberty Drive, 1.01 miles of Industrial ParkRoad, 4.58 miles of Allred Road, 2.46 miles of Beltline Road andthe entire length, or 5 miles, of Arlington Road.

Work will begin on the roads within the next few weeks,supervisors said. Although some roads may be worked simultaneously,most will be improved singularly.