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TRIAD Spring Fling set for Tuesday

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, the Brookhaven PoliceDepartment and the American Association of Retired People wantTuesday’s annual TRIAD Spring Fling to be an event to remember.

“It’s going to be a great way to gain information that ispertinent to the senior community in Lincoln County,” said SheriffSteve Rushing. “We’re anticipating a lot of booths geared towardhelping seniors of the county in several different areas – there’sa blood pressure check and glucose testing, as well as informationabout different programs TRIAD offers.”

Millard Smith, a spokesperson for TRIAD, said last year’s SpringFling drew 300 seniors, and that this year preparations are beingmade for at least that many.

“People will be consulting the booths we’ll have set up, andfellowshiping with their friends,” said Smith. “We’ll have a mealserved around 11:30, and the Mississippi School of the Arts willhave their choir there as entertainment during meal time.”

Law enforcement officials see the event, which will be held inthe Multi-Purpose Building from 9 a.m. to noon, as a chance toreinforce to seniors how important their welfare is to thecommunity.

“All the citizens of Brookhaven are important, especially oursenior citizens,” said Police Chief Pap Henderson. “We want to makethem aware of things we can do here in the city and the county toassure their safety. We want them to feel secure in their homes andin their community.”

Those in attendance of the Spring Fling can expect door prizesand various informational booths, but they will also have theopportunity to shake hands with some of the men and women whoprovide their safety. Local law enforcement patrols the area, butalso provides protection through the R.U.O.K. program, which callsto check on them daily and dispatches an officer if they do notanswer, and other TRIAD projects.

“There will be booths all the way around the building,” saidSmith. “Clifford Galey, head of Homeland Security will be there,and members of the Sheriff’s Department and the Police Departmentwill be on hand as well.”

Rushing and Henderson both said they thought giving seniors achance to meet the officers who keep watch over their neighborhoodsand homes is an important part of the Spring Fling.

“TRIAD provides several services as far as R.U.O.K. and offering911 signs, but it also gives us as law enforcement the opportunityto work with the seniors of the county and to protect them. We wantthem to be assured we’re here to help with any problems they havein the neighborhoods,” said Rushing. “I’ll be there with some of myofficers, because this is an important way for citizens to meet theofficers of our department.”

Henderson said the Police Department feels the same about theirinteraction with the community.

“I’ll have an officer or two that will be greeting people at thedoor,” he said. “We want them to know we’re here to help any way wecan.”