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Officials will seek cause of office fire

Firefighters say a local chirpractic office sustained 35-40percent damage Saturday when a fire scorched the porch and fronttwo rooms.

Brookhaven Fire Department Shift Captain Randy Sykes said thecall came in at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Hubbard ChiropracticCenter.

“The porch and two front rooms were on fire when we got there,”he said. “We had the main fire out in minutes. The guys did a goodjob.”

Fire Chief Bob Watts said a deputy fire marshal would be comingto town in the next few days to delve further into the cause of thefire.

“There was nobody there. That naturally makes you want to checkbecause there’s nobody there to tell you what happened,” hesaid.

Sykes said it was evident that the fire started on the frontporch.

“It started on the front porch. The front door is burnt on theoutside and not the inside,” he said. “It was a lot of fire when wegot there.”

Another reason officials are concerned is the speed at which thefire burned the structure.

“Well, being the time of day that it was, and so much trafficout there, the captain felt it was unusual that it would get thatfar without someone seeing it,” said Watts. “That’s a lot oftraffic out there on 51 at 1:30 on Saturday. It seemed a littleunusual, which is why we’re checking into it.”

Until the state fire marshal and the Lincoln County Sheriff’sDepartment have had a chance to conduct their investigation, Sykessaid officials are unable to speculate on whether the fire wasaided.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department Captain Dustin Bairfieldsaid the fire marshal’s office is closed for Confederate’s DayMonday. However, officials should be in town on Tuesday to begin aninvestigation into the cause of the fire.