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Building work heating up with summer arrival

Several new construction and renovation projects are in theworks for area businesses for the summer of 2007, officialssaid.

“Summer is typically our construction time, and for 2007, we’reseeing numerous retail-oriented projects,” said Chamber of CommerceExecutive Vice President Cliff Brumfield. “The new Empire Trucks,Ward’s, as well as other developments forthcoming on the Boulevardand (Highway) 51 will surely add to our tax base as well asproviding more entities to lure travelers off I-55 and intotown.”

A Ward’s restaurant is being planned for Highway 51 North near thePiggly Wiggly. Brookhaven Building Inspector Walter Temple saidground is currently being broken for the project.

“They’re just doing ground and dirt work at this time,” saidTemple, adding that he did not know a proposed completion time.

Jackson-based Empire Trucks is going to build a new facility onBrookway Boulevard near Brookhaven Honda. According to Temple,construction crews are pouring the slab at this time.

“These developments show a vote of confidence by investors in oureconomy,” said Brumfield. “Local consumers need to continue to shoplocally to entice more investments like these in their local retailbase, which in turn provides a better lifestyle and economy for ourcommunity.”

In addition to the new businesses coming into the area, the oldWendy’s building on Brookway Boulevard will soon be the newlocation for the Speedee Cash that is currently located in the oldKentucky Fried Chicken building in Brookway Plaza.

“I believe they’re waiting on some remodeling and cosmetic work onthe inside especially for relocation,” said Temple.

Speedee Cash is a national payday loan check-cashing chain.

City officials say plans that were in the works for two buildingsequaling 50,000 square feet of shopping space in the area behindthe new Wendy’s on Brookway Boulevard are on hold as contractnegotiations are worked out.

“There were plans, but they were called back by the architectsbecause of contract issues,” said Temple.

Temple said there were plans for two buildings, one 38,000 squarefeet and one 12,000 square feet, to go in the open area behindWendy’s. He said building plans had been returned until thecontract issues can be resolved.