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Current primary system means tough choice for some voters

While lawsuit participants debate issues surrounding the state’scurrent primary system, the fact remains this year that someLincoln County voters will have a difficult choice to make whenthey go to the polls on Aug. 7.

Under Mississippi’s current system, voters in House District 92will have to decide whether to vote in the Republican primary -where Paul Barnett, Becky Currie and Gene Buckles vying for the GOPnomination to seek the state representative seat is the main localattraction – or to vote in the Democratic primaries for sheriff,supervisor and many other contested county races.

And it should be remembered that voters who participate in oneparty’s primary on Aug. 7 will not be able to cross over and votein the other party’s runoffs on Aug. 28.

In which primary to participate will be a tough decision forsome voters, and it can be argued that the current primary systemdisenfranchises voters from being able to select the candidates oftheir choice. But until there is a change, that is the system wehave and voters need to know what’s at stake in theirdecisions.