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City schools OK new year budget

The Brookhaven School Board approved $26.7 million new yearbudget during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The plan for the new year starts July 1 and shows a $1.2 millionincrease over this year’s $25.5 million budget.

According to Business Manager Susan Quin, the school districtwill be receiving about $722,000 through the Mississippi AdequateEducation Program, which was fully funded by state lawmakers thisyear. A large portion of the additional money will go to employeepay raises and other increases mandated by the state, schoolofficials said during a public hearing last week.

The budget also includes increases to in the areas of at-riskstudent assistance and labor costs in compliance with miniumum wageincreases. There is also money budgeted for three additional highschool teachers and one alternative program teacher.

The additional funding demands will result in school officials’request for a 4 percent increase in revenue from local ad valorem,or property, taxes.

In other activity Tuesday, the board approved the purchase ofanother bus as requested by Assistant Superintendent James Tillman.He explained to the board that the Department of Transportationrecommends buses be replaced when they’re over 10 years old.

“In order to stay in those guidelines, we have to purchase threea year,” he said. “That’s to stay in sync with the state Departmentof Transportation.”

The board approved the purchase of two additional new buses atthe May meeting.

School Superintendent Lea Barrett also presented for approvalseveral events and fundraisers for the 2007-2008 school year, withone change from previous years being the candy sale.

“This year they’ll be selling oranges and grapefruits,” shesaid. “And they will not sell door-to-door.”

The change from candy to fruit is to stay in line with stateschool nutrition guidelines.

The board also approved several resignations and hirings for thenew school year pending receipt of all appropriatedocumentation.

Barrett also asked the board for approval of release of 61students who have prior transfer history.