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Library kicks off summer reading program

WESSON – Organizers hope young readers “Get A Clue” during theWesson Public Library’s Summer Reading Program that kicked offThursday.

The program, with the mystery-oriented theme, runs through July26 when an awards day will be held.

“Summer reading is a lot of fun at Wesson with participation ofgreat readers,” said Librarian Susan Alsbury. “We look forward toanother great summer.”

This year, special guests and staff members will show and teachchildren many great things as they take them on a journey ofknowledge and fun.

The summer reading program is primarily for ages 5-12. Someolder teens also read in the program, but do not participate indaily activities.

Children are allowed to check out five books at a time and havea week to read them before checking out more books.

Reading awards are based on the number of pages read from July 5through July 23. First-, second- and third-place awards, as well ashonorable mentions, will be given in the following age group: Group1 (not assigned), Group 2 (5-7), Group 3 (8-9), Group 4 (10-12),and Group 5 (teens).

Other awards will be given, such as Library Lil – age group forbest library manners, Most Dedicated Reader per age group, PerfectAttendance and Most Outstanding Reader Overall. The outstandingreaders award will recognize the boy and girl with the highestnumber of pages read.

Every award winner will be eligible to ride on the Christmasfloat in the Wesson Christmas Parade later this year.

Last year, the overall girl winner was Haleigh Chinn with 4,002pages read and the boy winner was Bradon Runyan, with 3,526 pagesread. Everyone who participated last year contributed to 28,413pages read.

“We hope to have another great program of reading excellencethis month as we did last year,” said Alsbury.

Thursday’s program featured Sports and Art, with a specialdemonstration by the Wesson Girl’s Soccer Team followed by KristineKing teaching the children about color and art using fingerprintpainting.

Next Thursday will focus on Safety and Writing in Code, withGale Walker as the storyteller for the day. The children will learnabout ancient codes in Egypt, called Hieroglyphics, and aboutmummies.

Keep Copiah County Beautiful will start the July 19 program withthe presentation of a video by Sara Coutier. Lauren Alsbury will bethe storyteller.

July 26 will be Awards Day with a special surprisestoryteller.

Like the library officials, young readers Thursday were alsolooking forward to a fun and interesting summer in the readingprogram.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said 12-year-old Megan Berch. “I love beinghere and to be able to read.”