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District 3 candidates pledge cooperation on economic development

Editor’s note: Today The DAILY LEADER begins a series ofquestions and answers with candidates for District ThreeSupervisor. Candidate Russell Laird and incumbent Nolan EarlWilliamonson responded to the newspaper’s survey while candidateMarley Bowman did not participate.

The county, city and chamber are working together todevelop a new business park for the community. What can you do assupervisor to fill this new park with quality jobs for LincolnCounty citizens?

Russell Lamar Laird:

1. When opportunities for new business and new jobs arepresented for our county, I will use all my resources and abilitiesto acquire those that will be good for our citizens.

2. By presenting our county in the progressive light as Iview it and doing my best in providing better and saferroads.

3. I will help encourage new business to look at the trainedwork force our county has to offer.

4. I will work with the city and the chamber as a teammember to promote and get new business in our county.

Nolan Willamson:

Continue to work closely with IDF in advertising the newpark to different companies and continue to seek funds for thepark.