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District Three candidates offer cost-saving ideas

Editor’s note: Today The DAILY LEADER concludes its seriesof questions and answers with candidates for District ThreeSupervisor. Candidate Russell Laird and incumbent Nolan EarlWilliamonson responded to the newspaper’s survey while candidateMarley Bowman did not participate.

As operating and other cost continue to rise, whatways can Lincoln County explore to save taxpayer dollars? In whatareas do you think savings can be realized andhow?

Russell Lamar Laird:

1. With a planned maintenance system, the wear on theequipment will not be as hard. For example, if it is cut more oftenthe clipping will not be as detrimental as less frequentclipping.

2. Providing regular and preventive maintenance on equipmentwill deter buying new tractors, mowing machines andtrucks.

3. Cross training personal in all the jobs related to allwork performed on road maintenance will prevent delays.

4. Planning the work schedule so it doesn’t require extramileage and fuel usage in getting equipment to worklocations.

Nolan Williamson:

Since 2000, everything the county takes bids on has doubledand some has tripled and the Board of Supervisor’s budget road andbridge is the same. If this keeps up, the county is at the mercy ofevery supplier.

The Board of Supervisors will ask each department head tolook closely at the budget and do the best to stream line theiroffices, cost effectively, and watch what they buy orreplace.