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Centenarian passes after marking birthday

Two days after he marked a century on earth, beloved Brookhavencharacter Bill Winston died in the town he loved so much.

Winston, who became well-known locally with the goat cart heused to drive in parades and at community events, celebrated his100th birthday Wednesday and passed away Friday.

Family members had flown in from Chicago and other areas to havea 100th birthday celebration, so the family was already present tobe with Winston’s wife of seven years, Diane.

“I’m heartbroken,” said Diane. “I don’t think words can reallysay what he meant to me and how much I’ll miss him. He was truly ablessing to my life.”

Winston was described as a character and a storyteller by hisfriends. He loved to entertain anyone who would listen with all thethings he’d lived through, and he remembered many events throughoutBrookhaven’s history.