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Board settles on ward line plan

Following annexation earlier this year, Brookhaven aldermen haveapproved a ward redistricting plan they hope will meet withcitizens’ approval and pass muster with the U.S. Department ofJustice.

After several revisions, aldermen approved the proposed planSept. 18. A public hearing to allow citizens’ input is expected tobe scheduled at the Oct. 2 board meeting.

“We’ve been working with (annexation consultant) Mike Slaughteron this for months,” said Mayor Bob Massengill. “No plan willplease everyone, but there were considerations we had to dealwith.”

Slaughter made maps for three redistriciting proposals for boardconsideration. He said the process went smoothly once he got thepopulation totals plugged in.

“It really wasn’t that difficult,” he said. “Of course, you havethe technical part which you do, and the constitutionalrequirements, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 about protectingthe minority voting.

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