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2 bridges closed

Lincoln County supervisors Monday announced the closure ofbridges on Pioneer Road and Douglas Trail.

Board President Gary Walker, of District Five, said he receiveda call from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department Saturday that afour- to five-span bridge on Pioneer Road between Wooley Trail andShucktown was sagging and in danger of collapse. The bridge wasclosed immediately.

Walker said rotten piling caused the bridge to sag, but theremay be other problems.

“There’s a chance the cap broke,” he said. “I have to clean outfrom under it so I can get under there and take a look.”

While under the bridge, Walker said he will inspect any otherdamage.

The bridge is not normally a high-traffic crossing, but tends tobe busier during the fall and winter during hunting season, hesaid.

Walker said he was surprised by the extent of the damage to thebridge because it is relatively new.

The bridge was built in the late 1990s through a partnershipwith the U.S. Forest Service. The road leads into the HomochittoNational Forest.

“The forest service paid for half of that bridge, so I’m goingto ask them if they’ll pay for half the repair,” Walker said.

In a related matter, District Three Supervisor Nolan EarlWilliamson said a bridge on Douglas Trail near Highway 583 will beclosing for repairs later this week.

The bridge is expected to remain closed for several weeks whilecrews replace the pilings, straighten the creek and add anotherspan, he said.