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Political incidents around the globe influence life here

In the world we live today, events across the world now have aprofound effect on our lives here at home. The assassination twoweeks ago in Pakistan of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto maybe one of those events.

The lead story in PARADE Magazine, which is part of our weeklySunday package, is an interview with the late prime ministershortly before her death. It represents one of the last interviewsgiven by the controversial political figure before she was gunneddown on Dec. 27.

In November, PARADE sent contributing editor Gail Sheehy toPakistan to interview Bhutto. In the interview Bhutto warns of thedangers and threats around her and suggests an attempt on her lifeis possible. It is a blunt account of her, her past and herpredictions for the future and how the United States is beingaffected.

This edition of PARADE went to press prior to the assassinationand might shed some light for our readers on how important thisissue is for this country and how political incidents around theworld are now part of our daily lives.