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School board notes need for new roof

The Lincoln County School Board briefly discussed a futureproject to replace the roof at the central office during a meetingon Tuesday.

Business Manager Cheryl Shelby said the office roof hasdeteriorated, with constant leaks springing up. The last, andworst, occurred over Christmas.

“When we got back from Christmas vacation, we’d had a really badleak that was almost as big as my office,” Shelby said, nodding tothe corners of her approximately 12 foot by 8 foot office. “It wasleaking around a light fixture, which, of course, could have been awhole lot worse, and we had to have the carpet steam cleaned.”

Shelby said the roof of the building was at least 25 years old,and undergoes constant patch work. She said the roof had beenrepaired 12 to 15 times in the last four years alone.

The patches never solve the leak problem and only redirect theflow.

“Every time we patch the roof, the leak just moves to adifferent room,” Shelby said.

The board has taken no official action on the proposed projectbut is working to gather proposals.

Shelby said the first and only estimate gathered so far was forslightly more than $19,000. The board is required to gather atleast two quotes, and will not have to advertise for bids if theproject is priced under $25,000.

“We need a new roof, and guess what – I don’t want to do it,”said Superintendent Terry Brister. “It’s hard to spend money likethis when you know, in the future, you’ll have a new facility.

“But that’s far down the road,” he said. “We’re gonna have toput a new roof on this place, cause right now we’re ruining ceilingtiles, ruining the floors, filing cabinets and running the risk ofhaving water drip on our computers.”