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TRIAD planning swing into spring

Local seniors decked out in their best pink and red forThursday’s TRIAD Valentine’s Day luncheon at the CountryFisherman.

TRIAD President Charles Ralph Smith said the luncheon is heldevery year just to give TRIAD members an event to get together andsocialize, as well as celebrate a fun holiday. It’s also the annualkickoff to planning for TRIAD’s yearly Spring Fling.

“We do it to kick off the planning for the Spring Fling,” hesaid. “After lunch we talk about ideas for booths and healthservices.”

The Spring Fling is an event held each year in April wherecommunity seniors gather to browse informational kiosks and boothstelling them about the latest developments in issues relevant totheir age group.

Smith said as of Thursday, the official push is on for the April8 event.

“We’re just trying to make as many people as possible aware ofTRIAD and the Spring Fling,” he said. “It’s a great event becausewe aim to educate seniors on health programs and crime prevention,plus there’s lunch and entertainment.”

Displays have traditionally included one to check blood pressureand blood sugar and informational booths about assisted living,safety and other health matters.

In addition to the Spring Fling, TRIAD sponsors two otherprograms that Smith said they’re putting a special emphasis on. Thefirst is the RUOK program, which calls seniors and shut-ins eachday at a specific time to make certain they’re answering the phone.If the phone is not answered, authorities are dispatched to theirhome to check on them.

Smith said he’s surprised more people aren’t using the service,and that it may be a case of their not knowing it’s there.

“It’s still a little slow,” he said. “But that’s one of thethings we talk about at the Spring Fling.”

He said in the meantime interested people can call the sheriff’sdepartment for more information.

The second service TRIAD sponsors, and not only to seniors,provides reflective 911 numbers to go at the end of the drivewayfor ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

“It’s really important in rural areas, as sometimes the numbersaren’t visible on the house or the mailboxes have been knockeddown,” Smith said. “Also, if you live at the end of a longdriveway, it’s a great thing to have.”