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Democrats hold precinct meetings Sat.

The time to reorganize the Democratic Party is at hand, and itall begins Saturday at 9 a.m. at the 32 polling places aroundLincoln County.

Three delegates from each precinct will be elected Saturday toattend the Lincoln County Democratic Party Convention at thecourthouse on March 15. When the 96 delegates show up for thatconvention, they will elect members of the county’s Democraticexecutive committee and choose nine delegates to travel to theconventions of the Third Congressional District and stateconventions.

Dr. George Brumfield, a member of the Lincoln County DemocraticParty, hopes to have a say so in the coming affairs of hispolitical family. He is hoping for a chance to serve as a delegateto the county convention and, possibly, go all the way toDenver.

“The chances are good for a Lincoln County delegate making itall the way,” Brumfield said. “You line up people at the countycaucuses that will support you, and so on. I plan on going all theway. I’m not a super delegate, but I sure hope I’m a delegate.”

The Third Congressional District convention will be held onSaturday, April 26, at the Health and Wellness Center on the campusof Tougaloo College in Jackson. At that Democratic gathering,members of the state party executive committee and delegates to theDemocratic National Convention in Denver, which will be held onAug. 25-28, will be chosen.

The state convention will proceed on June 7 in Jackson. At thatconvention, 20 members from each congressional district will beelected to the 80-member state party executive committee, thegoverning body of the Mississippi Democratic Party. Delegates tothe state convention will also approve the state party platform,change the state party constitution if needed and elect at-largedelegates to the Democratic National Convention, where the party’spresidential candidate will be chosen.

The process occurs every election year, and allows Democratsfrom every small community in all the counties of the state to havea chance to shape the future of their party. More than 1,000Democrats on the county level will participate in the caucuses overthe coming weeks.

Brumfield touted his political experience on the local levelwhen discussing his desired journey. He worked in the BrookhavenSchool District for 25 years and served at the superintendent from1981 to 1989.

“I’ve been active in politics for a long time, and I’ve alwaysbeen a Democrat,” Brumfield said. “The pendulum swings back andforth in politics, and I think it’s time for the Democrats to be inthere for a while.”