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Nettles eyes administrative modifications

WESSON – Future College President Dr. Ronald Nettles is eyingchanges in the administrative organizational structure as he lookstoward the time he will take over the helm of Copiah-LincolnCommunity College at the end of June.

At the Co-Lin Board of Trustees meeting Thursday afternoon,Nettles submitted a list of three change suggestions he wanted toput into place for the board’s approval.

First, Nettles said, he wants to establish a position for aVice-President of Instructional Services. He said the person chosenfor the position would be responsible for instructional programsand services for the college district, including curriculumdevelopment, learning resources, course delivery, and outcomesassessment of all the programs. The position would report directlyto the president.

“It is important to highlight the central role and mission ofthe college in our organizational structure,” Nettles said.

The second change Nettles suggested was the change of the titlesof the campus deans. He said he would like to see the positiondescribed as Vice-President of the Campus at the Natchez andSimpson County campuses. In the presentation he prepared for theboard, he described his rationale for the name changes.

“The direct reporting of the campus vice president to thepresident will highlight the importance of these two positions inthe college’s administrative structure,” he wrote. “Furthermore, itwill allow the assignment of cross-district responsibilitiesutilizing the experience of these two administrators.”

A trustee raised a question about how the vice-president ofinstructional services would interact with the vice-presidents ofthe colleges.

“The campus dean oversees the courses, scheduling, supervisionof faculty and such,” he said. “The vice-president of instructionalservices is more a supervisor of policies than anything else.”

Nettles’ third suggestion was to create a position for the Deanof Administrative Services to be responsible for the delivery andcoordination of administrative services and programs for thecollege. He said the position would cover technology services,administrative software, student records, research and planning,human resources, and other related services.

“There is a need to bring administrative functions under focusedleadership to ensure coordination of services for students andfaculty,” Nettles wrote. “This includes the full implementation ofthe administrative software, appropriate technology for studentsand faculty, as well as training and services for employees.”

Nettles assured the board that the changes and additions wouldnot interfere with the budget as it stands now, saying he does notanticipate any additional cost since he plans to simply realign thestructure and integrate jobs and positions.

“This is something of a new approach,” he said. “There will beno executive vice-president position as we know it.”

The board approves Nettles’ suggestions.

In other action, the board established a full-time tuition ratefor students enrolled in summer school effective summer of 2008. Inthe past, summer school students have paid per course hour, whichNettles said is not terribly conducive to bringing in summer schoolenrollees.

“If we change the tuition to a full-time rate it will benefitour students,” he said.

In addition, he said, the school should make up the projected$14,000 a year in losses by enrolling more students at the moresensible rate.