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Authorities upgrade probe in man’s death

Authorities officially ruled the probe into the death of aBrookhaven man as a homicide investigation Friday.

Lincoln County Coroner Clay McMorris said based on informationfrom the autopsy report provided by medical examiner Dr. StevenHayne on the body of Travis Henderson, 27, of Brookhaven, theinvestigation was upgraded. However, the cause of death is stillbeing probed.

“We just can’t disclose that at this time,” he said. “We waitedon the autopsy report from Dr. Hayne’s office, and after reviewingthose results it is definitely a homicide.”

McMorris said he could not give a definite answer into wheninformation on the cause of death would be released.

“The cause is still holding because of the ongoing investigationinto the crime,” he said.

Henderson went missing in early January, and his car was foundat the intersection of Bahalia Road and Sunset Road. More than twomonths later, his decomposed remains were found about five milesaway on Thorn Trail, a cut-through road in the northeast part ofthe county.

Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Rushing said the investigation intoHenderson’s disappearance and death is one his department has putextensive time and effort into from the beginning.

“Ever since he came up missing, (Chief Deputy Johnny Hall) andall of us have been working nonstop to figure out what happened,”Rushing said. “We think about it and work on it every day.”

Rushing said to his investigators, it’s not just about simplysolving the crime in order to close the file, but about all thepeople affected by Henderson’s death.

“This is a case that’s really been on our minds,” he said. “Ithas become personal for us, we’d like to solve the case and findanswers for the family.”

Officials have asked that anyone with information on thedisappearance and death of Henderson call the Lincoln CountySheriff’s Office at (601) 833-5231. Anyone wishing to remainanonymous is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (601) 823-0150.