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More living facility talk prudent move by city

In agreeing to take another look at a proposed assisted-livingfacility downtown, Brookhaven aldermen are pursuing a prudentcourse of action to not only ensure that a good opportunity is notlost but also that all pertinent questions are asked andanswered.

Aldermen initially rejected developer Gayle Evans’ proposal forthe Monticello Street site. But last week, apparently after hearinga fair amount of feedback from constituents, agreed to seek a worksession with Evans Tuesday to revisit the project.

An unscientific online poll by The DAILY LEADER last week foundrespondents in support of another look. According to results, 75percent agreed that more research is needed.

The assisted-living facility sounds like a good idea for thedowntown property, but questions about financing, buildingappearance and other concerns must be answered. Without thoseassurances, the project does not need to be allowed to proceed.

Also important in the discussion is constituent input. Weencourage citizens to let their city officials know how they feelabout the proposal.

With sufficient discussion between the developer and cityleaders and input from all interested parties, aldermen cancapitalize on an opportunity for an important part of downtown orbe able to state clearly reasons why it should not moveforward.

This whole discussion, however, opens another question that cityleaders need to address – that being proper zoning ordinances thatassure downtown property follows a set architectural standard.

It is our understanding that under current zoning laws fordowntown, little more than a building permit is needed. The cityboard might want to use this situation to assure the historicalintegrity of downtown stays intact while also allowing forcontinued growth.