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Board sets June 2 for Ward Six special election

Brookhaven aldermen on Friday set the date for a specialelection for the newly open Ward Six position that was vacated byAlderman John E. “Buddy” Allen.

The special election, which will be held Monday, June 2, has aqualifying date of May 13. Potential candidates must qualify with apetition bearing signatures from 50 registered voters in Ward Sixby that date.

Two candidates have expressed an interest in running for Allen’sseat on the board. Brookhaven Parks Commission member Robert Kennysoft-launched his campaign last week, and local businessman DavidPhillips threw his hat in the ring shortly thereafter.

Kenny said as a member of Ward Six, he’s in touch with theissues affecting that part of the city.

“The biggest issue has been the streets flooding here lately,”he said. “My first projects will be to take care of some of thewater concerns we have right now and paving some of thestreets.”

Kenny said another focus is to care for the families ofBrookhaven, but primarily those of his ward.

“I’m basically wanting to work with the other aldermen toimprove and upgrade city services, and bring new businesses intoBrookhaven,” he said. “I think it’s important to increase jobs forour kids and grandkids, and keep Ward Six a family-orientedward.”

Phillips said the future of the community is his concern aswell, including keeping young residents from moving away fromBrookhaven after college.

“My experience is working with the chamber of commerce and theplanning and zoning board, as well as 30 years as a small businessowner,” he said. “I feel I have a lot of experience I can put towork for the city, helping develop jobs and keep our young peoplein the community.”

Phillips said within Ward Six his focus will be streetmaintenance, as well as keeping the community one where people willtake pride in living.

“Of course we always have problems trying to keep the roads ingood condition, and several people I’ve talked to are older coupleswho are concerned about street markings so they can see well atnight,” he said. “Then there’s the forever problem of keeping theditches clean. We’re also working to keep the ward as a viablehousing area out here. There are a few abandoned houses in the areawe’d like to see improved.”

Phillips said he wants his constituents to know that as alifelong resident of Brookhaven, he is devoted to itsbetterment.

“I’m a lifelong resident of Brookhaven and the district and I’veraised my family here,” he said. “I love our community, and I willwork very hard to continue to improve it.”

Declaring the vacancy and setting dates for the special electionwere the main reason Friday for reconvening Tuesday night’smeeting, which they recessed since the vacancy could not bedeclared while Allen was still in his last day of office.

Allen, who served as a city alderman for 13 years, announced hisresignation March 4, citing medical reasons. It became effectiveApril 15.