Fugitive arrested on I-55

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Michigan man charged with eight felony counts – includingsexual assault and attempted murder – has been detained in theLincoln County Jail after being arrested Monday morning by theBrookhaven Police Department during a routine traffic stop.

BPD Chief Pap Henderson said Adam Dunlap, 18, of 35056Kensington, Sterling Heights, Mich., was arrested by an officer onInterstate 55 Monday morning for improper lane usage. Dunlap alsohad approximately 2 ounces of marijuana in his possession – a ninthfelony charge added to his eight, more serious charges upnorth.

“The officer went up to the car and noticed a strong smell ofmarijuana,” Henderson said. “The normal procedure is to run a checkon the license, and it came back a hit.”

Henderson said Dunlap will now face charges in Brookhaven aswell as in Michigan, but whether he is first charged in Brookhavenor extradited to Michigan remains to be seen. Dunlap is scheduledto appear before the city judge Monday.

“We don’t know how the judge will handle this as far as felonycharges, bond or turning him over to Michigan,” Henderson said.”More than likely, his bond will be set here on the felony(possession) charge.”

Henderson said Dunlap will not go free anytime soon. Even ifbond is set locally, the police department in Clinton Township,Mich., – where Dunlap’s eight felonies have been charged – hasalready been in contact with BPD to request a hold.

In Michigan, Dunlap is charged with first-degree criminal sexualconduct, kidnapping and attempted murder from an incident inClinton Township Saturday, May 10, when he allegedly lured a29-year-old female coworker to a meeting place under the guise ofdoing paperwork for their company. Once there, police said he ducttaped her mouth and forced her into his car at knife point.

At another location, Dunlap allegedly bound the woman, raped herrepeatedly and tried to murder her by asphyxiation with a plasticbag. Police said the woman bit through the bag, convinced Dunlap tolet her use the restroom and escaped. Witnesses said Dunlap triedto recapture the woman, but local residents intervened and calledpolice.

Dunlap apparently used the next two days to escape south as faras Brookhaven, where his flight came to an end Monday morning.Henderson said it is unclear why Dunlap fled to Mississippi.

Henderson said Clinton Township police are coming to Brookhaventhis week to inspect Dunlap’s vehicle, a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero,which has been impounded. Henderson said the car could possiblycontain evidence from the Michigan kidnapping.

Upon his arrest on the interstate, Dunlap was carrying a femalepassenger, 18-year-old Sandro Vokovic, of 35115 Wee Care Drive,Clinton Township, Mich. Vokovic was also detained and charged withpossession of less than one ounce of marijuana.