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Event shows thanks to law enforcement

Lincoln County’s various law enforcement officers received afree meal and a pat on the back Thursday night at the BrookhavenFirst Assembly of God church’s second annual Law EnforcementAppreciation Banquet.

Pastor Jim Mannon said the the event was a way of giving back tothe Brookhaven Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’sDepartment and the Mississippi Highway Patrol for the sometimesthankless work they do.

“We just wanted to take the time to let our law enforcementofficials who put their lives on the line every day know how muchwe appreciate them,” he said. “These guys face things no one elsefaces.”

Mannon pointed out that the job of law enforcement officers wasone of the most stressful jobs in the nation, and that “everyoneneeds a pat on the back” sometimes.

Mannon said what struck him and his church the most was thewillingness of local officers to serve. He compared their devotionto that expected of the church.

“As a church, we have a heart to be servant leaders,” he said.”These guys, just like that, are public servants. The Word tells usto give honor where honor is due, and that’s why we’re heretonight.”

Mannon said the church is working to put together a similarbanquet for county firefighters by September. The banquet iscarried out on the relatively light budget of $500, gatheredthrough individuals, church members and local businesses.

Any number of local law enforcement officials may say suchassistance is time well spent.

“For the past two years, the church has honored us for the workwe do in the community,” said Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Rushing.”They’ve been real good to us, and we appreciate it.”

Brookhaven Police Department Assistant Chief Nolan Jones saidsuch get-togethers mean a lot to local officers, and he supportedthe idea of opening up a similar event for other emergencypersonnel.

“I think it’s a good idea to get everyone from differentdepartments together like that,” he said. “It means a lot – goodfood, good fellowship. We always enjoy it, and we appreciate thechurch having us.”