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Storm Building renovation will further help downtown

A prominent Brookhaven family is in the midst of a project thatwill have historic significance for the downtown area.

For the better part of the past year, Hal Samuels has beenoverseeing a restoration of the Storm Building at the corner ofCherokee Street and Whitworth Avenue. Constructed in 1867, thestructure is the city’s oldest brick building.

Samuels’ father Harold, a former Brookhaven mayor, purchased thebuilding in 1975 with the goal in mind of helping the downtownarea. The younger Samuels is continuing that effort with his plansto restore the building to its 1867 look and feel.

The building currently houses several retail establishments onthe street level. In addition to structurally securing the buildingfor the future, its upstairs area will be made suitable for officespace.

Restoration of the Storm Building, like the iconic HomeseekersParadise sign next to it, will serve as another symbol to trainpassengers and others that Brookhaven is a community that caresabout its downtown. The restoration is a welcome addition to alengthening line of projects to boost and revitalize the area.