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Back to school bash scheduled for Saturday

Two local community groups are hosting an event to prepare localchildren and their families for the upcoming school year.

The Community Action Group and Serving All People have joinedforces to kick off the new school year with a chance for communitymembers to eat, play games and hear important messages about thingsteens face in the world today.

From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday at the Dr. A.L. Lott Sportsplex,members of the community will be invited to take part in games andgiveaways, said Bernetta Character of the Community ActionGroup.

“There is no age limit. It’s a community activity and everybodyis invited. It’s going to be good for the children to go back withthe positive attitude,” Character said. “We’ll be having activitiesand games and they’ll play various sports.”

Character said at 7 p.m. attendees will be sent to the AlexanderJunior High School Auditorium where they will hear from evangelistsVernastine Byrd and Cameron Jenkins on issues pertinent to teenlife today.

“That portion is about unity; it’s called Let’s Rap About It,”said Serving All People’s Helen Epps. “It’s talking about parents,teachers and students coming together as one, and it’s everyone’schance to listen to how important it is to have kids stay in schooland educate themselves.”

Epps said Jenkins was chosen as a speaker because he is a 2008graduate of Brookhaven High School and is someone whom teenlisteners can relate to.

“Cameron will be a good speaker because he’s finished highschool, and he’s going to college,” she said. “And we’ll alsoappeal to the parents and teachers, about trying to keep kidstogether and focus on the children. We’re merging together to tryto focus on the children.”

Character said the speakers will also allow time for teens toask questions about things that concern them. In addition, therewill be music and entertainment at the program.

“Some of the subjects that will be addressed will be things liketheir pants hanging out, trying to change their attitudes, stayingin school and trying to steer them in the right direction,” shesaid. “And whatever other concerns the children may want to askquestions about. They’ll be discussing subjects addressing today’steen concerns.”

Epps said there will be giveaways including book bags donated byWal-Mart Distribution Center, as well as some $50 savingsbonds.

“But you have to be present to win,” she said.

Character said this is the second annual Back To School Bashthat SAP and CAG have put together after Epps had the vision ofsuch an event last year.

“Mrs. Epps had been working with the SAP program and said theLord put it in her heart, and she spoke with us,” she said. “Thisyear we got together last week and agreed upon it and thought itwas a great idea for the community.”