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Palin pick brings more history to campaign

With the selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as Sen. JohnMcCain’s vice presidential running mate, the presidential electionof historic firsts now takes a new turn as the country scratchesits head and tries to learn more about a political unknown whosenickname is the Barracuda!

Vice presidential picks are usually chosen first and foremost ona running mate’s ability to secure key electoral votes for theticket. In the case of Gov. Palin and Sen. Joe Biden, Sen. BarackObama’s running mate, six electoral votes are shared betweenthem.

Second in the selection process is what the VP brings to thetable to balance out the weaknesses in the presidentialnominee.

With Obama’s weakness in administrative experience and foreignaffairs, Biden fills the void.

In the case of 71-year-old McCain, his years of service inWashington gives him the needed experience in domestic and worldaffairs, but those years also brings the question of his age.Self-proclaimed “hockey mom” Palin fills the void.

So the selection of both Biden and Palin brings interestingcontrasts to the Republican and Democrat tickets.

Change – Obama is campaigning on 100 percent change. His choiceof Washington veteran Biden says that Obama is really interested inmore of the status quo. McCain a champion of Republicanconservatism but is known as a maverick. Selecting Palin, amaverick in her own right, says that McCain is open for disruptingthe status quo.

Experience – Youthful Obama with his desire to appearKennedyisque with youthful ideals is tampered with stodgy oldBiden.

With his 72nd birthday on Friday, McCain finds youth in a motherof five whose youngest child was born four months ago!

Obama has been a senator for four years, Biden a Washingtoninsider for 35 years. McCain has spent 26 years on Capital Hill andPalin has been governor for two years.

Between the tickets when adding up their ages the Obama/Bidenticket has 112 years of experience, the McCain/Palin ticket has 115years!

Minorities and Women – Democrats have held the African-Americanand women vote during the campaign season and controlled thedebate.

Obama’s choice of Biden has sidestepped the women vote, leavingit open to being picked up by the McCain campaign. The question iswhether female Democrats will consider McCain’s pick as panderingor an opportunity?

McCain’s surprise choice has undoubtedly taken the edge off theDemocratic Convention that ended Thursday night. With theRepublican Convention starting Monday, all eyes will be on thishockey mom from Alaska. With the nickname Barracuda, one canimagine the political commercials already on the drawing board, itshould make for an interesting run to November.