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Park restrooms needed, but less costly options possible

We doubt new restrooms being contemplated for Bicentennial Parkand Bethel Park will feature granite countertops and urinals.

But our eyebrows were raised last week when bids for thetwo-restroom project came in at $96,000 and $106,000. The bids weremore than twice the city’s budgeted amount of $40,000, which itselfsounds a bit on the high side.

Aldermen were more than justified in rejecting the restroom bids.At those prices, it seems the city should get not only the restroombut the rest of the house as well.

Obviously, there’s more involved in restroom construction than whatis seen above ground. Plumbing and water line work are also part ofthe equation.

And it’s also obvious that park users need restroom facilities.

But city officials acted correctly in rejecting bids and in theirplans to consider a less expensive restroom recourse.