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Man’s act of kindness not unnoticed

Dear Editor:

I work for the rest area on interstate 55 in Copiah County. Acouple of weeks ago a man came up to me and turned in a wallet hehad found. I thanked him for turning it in and after he left Ilooked in the wallet for some form of identification and found ten,$100 bills ($1,000) in cash. I was able to contact the owner and hewas very grateful to get his wallet and his money back. In my hasteI forgot to get the man’s name that turned in the wallet and I feelso bad. No doubt he is a good honest man. With so many negativethings going on in the world around us we should all take pride inthis man’s honesty and human kindness. I hope he sees this letterso he will know that his act of kindness did not go unnoticed.


Fred Hiley