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Deadline extended for baseball program signup

If you missed your chance to sign up your children for springT-ball or softball at the Hansel King complex or baseball at theDr. A.L. Lott Sports Complex, never fear.

The deadline to register has been extended through 4:30 p.m.Friday, Recreation Department Director Terry Reid saidWednesday.

“We’ve had a kind of a low turnout, especially in the Lottprogram, and we’re extending the deadline a few days to see if wecan pick up some stragglers,” Reid said.

There was a free clinic offered to Lott participants that gavechildren who don’t have much baseball background the chance to gaincoaching on basic skills. Last year after the free clinic offeredat the beginning of the season at the Dr. A.L. Lott complex, 81children had signed up.

Lott numbers are back to their previous lows after a successfulyear last year, with only 40 children signed up so far. Reid saidthere are not enough names on the list to make a whole team in anydivision.

Recreation Department Program Director Karen Harveston saidsignup at Hansel King is pretty much average.

“Registration over there has gone just about like last year.Everything’s going fine,” she said.

Signup fees for the Dr. A.L. Lott program are only $35.Meanwhile the Dixie Youth Baseball Program charges participants a$100 signup fee.

Harveston said it’s hard to tell what will be done about theLott program if there are not more children to sign up.

“Then we’ll decide what to do to break them up, when you have5year-olds up to 14-year-olds, it’s kind of hard to know how togroup them,” she said.

The fee for Hansel King fast pitch softball is $75, T-ball is$40 and coach-pitch is $45.

Reid said anyone with questions is welcome to call theRecreation Department at 601-833-3791.