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MSA art students’ display work

Colorful displays in various art mediums dotted theBrookhaven-Lincoln County Public Library Thursday when fourMississippi School of the Arts visual arts students presented theirbodies of work to the public.

“The show is a requirement for them to graduate,” said AnneO’Hara, a visual arts instructor. “The students have been buildinga body of work for their portfolio for college applications.”

Shelby Hamilton, Olivia Logan, Nicole Anderson and ChynaWheatley opened up the five-week 2009 series of Senior Art ShowsThursday.

Each show will remain at the library for a week. The artists foreach week’s displays will visit the library for one night during areception from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. to discuss their work.

The present show will continue to be displayed untilSaturday.

Katie Key, Heather Eaton, Traci Larsen and Lynzie Blackburn willdisplay their work from April 13-18 with a reception April 16.

Lena Stevens, Millicent Kennedy, Anna Fleming and Ana Iverson’sdisplay will be hosted at the library from April 20-25 with anApril 23 reception.

The works of Olivia Holston, Hannah Mathews and Kayla Crenshawwill be on display from April 27 to May 2 with a reception on April28.

The last show will present the works of Alli Crawford, AnnieWentzell, Krislee Kyle and Nicole Cornacchione from May 5-9.

“Each show will have a different look,” O’Hara said. “They’reall working on a different theme during their senior year. It’skind of interesting what they come up with.”

Hamilton, of Lucedale, said she based her senior work on thetheme of affliction as a burden that everyone has to carry.

She was inspired by the work of Alphonse Mucha, a Czech nouveauart painter who died in 1939 of a lung infection he received whileincarcerated by the Germans during the invasion of his homecountry. He is recognized as the father of the art nouveaustyle.

Hamilton has received a scholarship to the Moore College of Artin Philadelphia.

Logan, also of Lucedale, based her work on the concept thatearth is the foundation of life. She incorporated a lot of treesand earth motifs in her work.

Her favorite piece on display employs candle wax as a media.

“I think the way I’m using them is unusual,” she said. “It’sbeen very experimental this year.”

Logan has been awarded a scholarship at the Memphis College ofArt, where she will major in illustration.

Anderson, of Vancleave, said she chose communication as a themebecause it was broad and she could get inspiration from a largenumber of sources. She prefers collages because she can employseveral different media in her work.

“I’m so proud of her. She’s done some beautiful work,” said hergrandmother, Mary Foster.

Anderson has received an academic scholarship to the Universityof Southern Mississippi, where she will major in art or fashionmerchandising.

Wheatley, of Magnolia, chose self-perception versus society asher theme. She uses her work to address different socialissues.

“I like using mixed media and using something common in anuncommon way,” she said.

Wheatley has been awarded a scholarship with the School of ArtsInstitute in Chicago. She plans to major in interiorarchitecture.

Thursday night’s reception was well attended by MSA students andfamily members, faculty and interested guests.

“It’s wonderful work,” said Roberta Hosler, the mother of a MSAvisual arts junior from Gulfport. “It’s amazing to see what peoplecan do with their talent – and they’re only high schoolseniors.”