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Spray Parks ready for summertime fun

As the summer approaches and the weather is warming up, the cityis preparing to cut the ribbon on two new attractions that shouldkeep kids – and adults who are young at heart – cool during the dogdays of summer.

Brookhaven Parks and Recreation Director Terry Reid said the newspray parks at Bicentennial and City Park will be a very positivething for area children.

“It’s wonderful for the kids this summer,” Reid said. “I thinkit’ll be a big added thing for the children in the summer, itshould get them out of the heat some.”

Friday at 3:30 p.m., city officials and the general public willbe invited to attend a ribbon cutting at the new spray park atBicentennial Park, which will be followed immediately at 4 p.m. bycutting the ribbon at City Park.

The spray park project has been a work in progress for cityleaders, who have been working toward the project for almost twoyears now. The spray parks are completely funded by city money, ascity officials felt it was an important enough project that theydidn’t want to wait for grants.

Reid said the parks will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., hourschosen through response from community members. The water, whichwill spray in 15-minute increments and is activated by a switchthat only works between those hours.

The spray parks have four above-ground features, but there are14 heads that will shoot water from the ground and theobstacles.

There are other cities with one large spray park, some of whichcharge admission, but Brookhaven city officials decided they’drather have neighborhood parks, so that everyone can get to anearby park with minimal travel time.

“We’re really moving forward into the 21st century,” Reid said.”Natchez, McComb, Vicksburg and Laurel, everyone’s going to sprayparks now. All of the cities in the area are going to neighborhoodspray parks to allow a central place that’s easily accessible whereall the children can get there.”

As for Friday’s ribbon cuttings, Reid said citizens wouldbenefit just by seeing first-hand what fun can be had at the sprayparks.

“Come see how they work, see a new era beginning in the city ofBrookhaven,” Reid said.