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Recreation Dept. planning summer full of activities

When school lets out, the magic of having nothing to do onlylasts a few weeks before children are looking to their parents toentertain them.

But Brookhaven Recreation Department has plenty of summeractivities for children to invest their time and energy in. Notonly does it take the pressure off the parents to come up withideas, but it also provides a healthy opportunity for children towork on coordination and social skills all at once.

Summer classes at BRD bring something for every kind of child,from gymnastics to art to tennis and cooking.

Recreation Department Program Director Karen Harveston saidsports are a great way for parents to keep their kids occupied andin shape all at the same time.

“It gives them something to do in the summertime, after they’vebeen in the classroom all year,” she said.

While some of the classes are routine, like gymnastics andtennis, some are specialized, like Tot and Parent Gymnastics, whichallows parents to bring their children between a year and a half to2 years old and work with them on early gymnastics techniques. Theclass takes place between June 15 and 19.

“It’s really kind of a ‘Mommy and me’ class, the class is greatfor little ones that have a hard time leaving their parents,”Harveston said. “It’s a great bonding time for tots and parentsaway from home.”

Another specialized class, aimed at boys ages 3-8, is theFlexibility, Agility and Strength Training class. Classes arebetween June 2-July 7, and officials said they’re a goodpreparation for boys as they start playing pee-wee and pony-leaguesports.

“It’s kind of like a football training, and they do a lot of thesame things they do in football,” she said. “It’s fun. When theycome out of there they’re just so happy.”

Martial arts classes will also be offered on Tuesdays andThursdays for boys and girls ages 7 and up, and the popular YouthCooking class will be offered on a more regular basis in order toaccommodate the previously high demand.

Harveston said anyone interested in enrolling their children insummer sports and activities can call the Brookhaven RecreationDepartment at 601-833-3791, and applications are available on BRD’sWeb site at www.brookhavenrecreation.com.