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Brook couple arrested during nightclub raid

A Brookhaven couple were among 12 people arrested by theJefferson County Sheriff’s Department early Saturday morning oncharges involving prostitution, sale of liquor, controlledsubstances and gambling, Jefferson County Sheriff Peter Walker saidTuesday.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that Dennisand Betty McCafferty, of 3751 Wild Hog Trail, Brookhaven, werearrested on prostitution charges at their business, “Bo’s Hideaway”and booked into the Jefferson County Jail early Saturday morning.Walker said the raid was months in the making.

“I’ve had the place under surveillance for reports ofprostitution, sale of alcohol to minors, and drugs – that was theinitial complaint I got,” he said. “I’d been observing it forseveral months.”

Bo’s Hideaway openly advertises strippers and beer on itsMySpace page.

Dennis McCafferty, 55, was also charged with illegal gambling,sheriff’s department officials said. Betty McCafferty, 54, was onlycharged with prostitution.

Also arrested on charges of prostitution were Nicole Taylor, 38,Tonja Talbert, 38, Kayla Moak, 21, Tamika Cole, 35, and DominiqueSmith, 21. Addresses were unavailable.

George Bracey, 62, of 1019 Violet St. in Jackson, was arrestedon an illegal sale of alcohol charge.

James Durr, 33, and Brian Durr, 29, both of 3389 Kinder Trail,Brookhaven, were arrested on charges of possession of a controlledsubstance.

Willie Otis Travillion, 33, address unavailable, and JohnHarveston, 39, of 4333 Terry Road, Jackson, were both also arrestedon charges of possession of a controlled substance.

Walker said he requested aid from the Attorney General’sIntegrity Division in the investigation, as they have moreextensive resources.

“I didn’t have all the resources I needed to pull this off, andthey were instrumental in helping us put this operation together,”he said. “They deserve a lot of credit for that.”

Bo’s Hideaway, in its current form, has not been in JeffersonCounty long, Walker said, estimating it may have been around a yearor two. He said undercover agents were sent into the businessaround midnight Friday and early into Saturday morning, and asearch warrant was served.

And knowing that his county is a little cleaner is quite arelief, Walker said.

“I’ve gotten a lot of favorable comments from people in thecommunity, too. All I want as the chief law enforcement officer inthis county is to control places like that,” he said. “It’s anuisance.”