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Shaw goes unopposed in Wesson

Wesson Mayor Alton Shaw is set to begin his seventh year inoffice this July after being elected to a second full termTuesday.

Shaw, who ran unopposed, collected 240 votes. A total of 277votes were cast in the election.

“I think we’ve been able to lay a foundation that will allow usto continue moving in a positive direction,” Shaw said. “We’ve gotseveral things in the works right now with state and federalgrants… that should come to fruition in the next six months to ayear.”

Shaw said he would continue working to improve Wesson’sinfrastructure, such as roads, and will pursue the creation of apark area for the town.

“Wesson is a good family town … the problem is, as a familycommunity, there’s not many activities for families to do, a placeto go locally to spend time together,” he said. “That’s somethingwe want to create, an atmosphere where families can go have fun andfellowship together.”

The Wesson Board of Aldermen will see two new faces for the newterm. Ward One challenger Mike Douglas defeated incumbent KennethRoberts by a vote of 63-33, and newcomer Billy Ellison held off twoopponents to claim the Ward Three position in a close race. Ellisongathered 38 votes to defeat Patricia Carlisle, who received 32votes; and Kate Hampton, who received 31 votes.

Ward Four Alderman Bobby Britt defeated challenger Randle Drane- the current Copiah County Civil Defense Director – by a vote of44-18, and Ward Two Alderman John Welter Jr. reclaimed his positionafter running unopposed.

There was no chance for an upset in Meadville, where the mayorand all five aldermen ran unopposed. A total of 58 votes in theelection were all that was required to reelect Mayor Sonny Dickeyand aldermen David Scarbrough (56), Bobby Kelly (55), VanessaWalker (56), Bart Jones (57) and Charles Calcote (53).

Dickey, who will now begin his second term, could not be reachedfor comment Wednesday because of meetings involving his second jobas the chief executive officer of Franklin County MemorialHospital.

The Bude election remains a mystery as of Wednesday morning.

Town Clerk Sara Purser said affidavit ballots remained uncountedand refused to comment further. Election Commissioner Kathy Zumbrorefused to provide a vote total – or any information regarding theelection – and hung up on a call seeking comment.

Bude Mayor Earl Case faced challenger Arthur Mac Littleton inTuesday’s election, and Ward Three Alderman Tommy Anthony Gibbs Sr.faced challenger James M. Griggin Jr.

Alderman at large Grady Huff, Ward One Alderman Jay Romero,newcomer Fannie M. Brown sought the office of Ward Four unopposed.There were no candidates seeking the Ward Two office.