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Multi-purpose facility now Lincoln Center

The Lincoln County Multi-Purpose Complex is no longer acomplex.

The local one-stop facility for hosting large events is nowknown as the Lincoln Center, a more inviting name the center’scommission is hoping will more accurately convey the wide range ofservices offered there.

“Ultimately, we felt like the multi-purpose complex has reacheda point where its more than a multi-purpose complex,” commissionchairman Dr. William Kimble told Lincoln County supervisors Monday.”We felt like the name of the facility was inadequate for all theways it serves the public.”

Kimble told supervisors that multi-purpose facility was toogeneric and too long a name for the facility, which has grownbeyond its original slate of outdoors and livestock events. Thefacility is also used for weddings, reunions and other massgathering events, he said, and the long, lifeless name had thetendency to turn some renters off of booking the center for theirevents.

“It’s very awkward in advertisements and written invitations,”Kimble said.

The name change comes after months of deliberation by thecenter’s commission in which members evaluated the public’sperception of the facility, Kimble said. Supervisors unanimouslyapproved naming the facility the Lincoln Center.

Center director Quinn Jordan said the commission considerednaming the facility after community leaders and regionalattractions, but ultimately felt Lincoln Center covered allsegments of the population.

He said the commission considered calling it the Lincoln CountyCivic Center and the Lincoln Civic Complex, but both names weredropped because commissioners felt ‘civic’ denoted a specificmunicipality when the center’s crowds come from all over SouthwestMississippi and Louisiana. Also considered were Lincoln Agriplexand Beltline Arena, both of which would have probably moved theperception in the wrong direction, Jordan said.

“You can host a tool sale in the Lincoln Center and a wedding inthe Lincoln Center, but if you name it the Magnolia Room – I don’tknow how many tool sales would happen in the Magnolia Room,” hesaid.

Jordan said hopes are that the new name will help move thecenter toward new audiences, such as conferences,businesses-related meetings, training exercises and other regionalgatherings.

“It just adds a little more professionalism and quality to whereyou’re hosting your activities,” he said. “It’s the same place,we’re just taking it to the next level.”