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Trick-or-treat safety urged

Trick-or-treating festivities will take place on Halloweennight, city leaders said, and local law enforcement officials areoffering tips for staying safe and having a good experienceSaturday night.

“The only time it might change is if Halloween falls on aSunday,” said Patsy Wallace in Mayor Les Bumgarner’s office.

Local officials are reminding parents to be cautious with theirtrick-or-treaters before, during and after the night’s events.

“Try to pick neighborhoods where you know people,” said SheriffSteve Rushing. “Stay with your kids or have a responsible personwith them while they’re out and about.”

Officials suggested putting children in reflective clothing, orin something that will show up as children make their way fromhouse to house.

“As we always do, we hope they’ll have reflect outfits,”Brookhaven Police Chief Pap Henderson said. “And if parents givetheir kids permission to trick-or-treat, parents should at leastspend an hour with them taking them to make sure they’re safe.”

Henderson said it’s important that trick-or-treaters alsorespect the privacy and peace of homeowners as well.

“If you go to a house and no lights are on, that says we’re nottrick-or-treating at this house. Go to places where the lights areon and things,” he said. “It’s on Saturday night and we want kidsto be safe, and there’s no curfew. But we hope they realize a fewhours out there is enough. We’re not going to have it going on at11 or 12, that’s too late at night.”

Meanwhile, authorites also offered suggestions to parentsregarding keeping their children safe at home, once the evening isover.

“Be cautious of taking things that are not sealed up andpre-packaged from people you don’t know,” Rushing said. “Parentsneed to check the candy, just as a precaution.”

And Henderson reminded drivers to keep a sharp eye on the roadas well.

“We need to remind motorists to be extremely careful, becauseit’s the weekend, and kids are out,” he said. “Please be lookingfor these trick-or-treaters when you’re driving on the road.”