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Worker recovering from accident

A Lincoln County crewman is recovering in a Jackson hospitalafter a roadside accident last week saw his ankle crushed in apiece of heavy equipment, said District Four Supervisor DougMoak.

Moak said county road hand Johnny Smith slipped while standingon the front bucket of a backhoe Thursday and caught his ankle inthe bucket’s linkage, the control pieces that swivel the bucket.The crew was clearing dead trees from a roadside in the districtwhen the accident occurred.

Smith was taken to University of Mississippi Medical Centerwhere he underwent surgery Thursday night, Moak said.

“It’s going to take him a little while to recuperate, but he’sdoing good,” Moak said Monday. “They’re just kind of watching himto make sure no infection sets in and a good healing processstarts.”

Moak said Smith, a three-year crewman in District Four, wasstanding on the bucket while the backhoe was moving. Moak saidcounty hands would no longer be allowed to hitch rides on theequipment and that the accident would be a “learning experience foreverybody.”

Smith will continue working in District Four after his recovery,Moak said.