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Man airlifted to Jackson after Thursday accident

An elderly couple involved in an accident on Brookway Boulevardare resting at the University of Mississippi Medical Center Fridayafter being transported from King’s Daughters Medical Center.

Hospital officials said Dwight Waddell, 81, of Brookhaven, wasairlifted to UMC, where he is in stable condition. His wife Sara,81, who was transported by ambulance from KDMC, is in faircondition at UMC.

Brookhaven Fire Chief Tony Weeks said fire department units werecalled to the scene with the Jaws of Life after two cars collidedon Brookway Boulevard near the interstate. He said a door wasremoved to extricate Dwight Waddell.

“From what I understand, it was just one person pulled out infront of the other and they hit each other,” he said.

Weeks said the Waddells were in a minivan, and the other vehiclewas a truck driven by John Bass, also of Brookhaven.